Saturday, May 14, 2016

kbar 28: Fired

      After making apple a big thing steve jobs made the macintosh which everyone was so excited about because it was the newest product that steve jobs had come up with and the ideas he did before had been amazing so they came and watched him at the press reveal and it said hello and everyone was extremely excited about it even though it was the first computer they made that you had to have a special bit to open it. yeah the first computer that was non upgradeable this should be when they started making a whole bunch of money because no one knew what they actually needed. However the product almost completely failed because of the price and because of the non upgradeable computer. Wow the non upgradeable and people to don't like it and it costs so much people can't even own if they are not rich. Then Steve jobs made several more different things that all failed and everyone thought that apple was losing steam and was't going to be able to survive in the new computer world and a couple of weeks later Steve Jobs was fired from apple. Oh my gosh really they fired the most innovative person in the world after a couple of failed ideas and that's because people didn't actually realize what they wanted in a computer because they only had one type of computer getting a new type that needed special tools to open but thanks for reading.

Friday, May 13, 2016

kbar 27: after college


  Now steve jobs just left his college to go back home to his garage were he would stop going school and instead go to college to learn more. What I didn't even know that he left college I thought he went to college and after that made apple. Steve Jobs continued his love of computers after a while of working with woz he eventually decided to start his company beginning with the apple1 which showed them that they could actually make a computer that people would buy. Yeah he still continued his dream of making computers and then started building his computer company with woz. after a while of working with woz steve jobs finally made the computer the apple 2 which sold amazingly well and that is when finally the business called apple finally was able to have the words after it called apple inc.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kbar # 26: One second late

in the 4th book of the gatekeeper series matt is trying to get to the final member of the gatekeeper so that they can defeat the old ones finally when they are at there most powerful they find out that she is in England and they have to get to her before the old ones get her. Yes finally they will all be together to stop the old ones that have causing so much trouble to the gatekeepers. They were in peru and they had survived the attack that was meant to kill them they had a council about what to do next they decided to continue going out to London to get Scarlett. Of course you have to continue you would be stupid not to because then you can't actually beat the old ones who are trying to exterminate the entire human race. they get to London and find a car and start driving towards Scarlett as there racing towards Scarlett the old ones were closing in and finally they get hit by one of them and they were stopped and Scarlett goes past and leaves for Hong Kong the city the old ones had taken over and were going to turn into a necropolis. No they were so close but Scarlett just has to slip by because the old ones cause something of course to stop them the jerks well I hope they find her next time.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Human agency

    is your life influenced by things beyond your control or human agency people might say that human agency is what shapes your life by your own thoughts decisions and how you decide to act. But you could also say that it is things beyond your control that shapes our lives because people could grow up in the same place but be totally different not only because of the personality but by there parents treating them different, like if they spoiled one kid and then didn't spoil the other child the one that had been spoiled could end up being more of a brat, obnoxious, and will be more needy and will also be not able to do as much on there own. Then the one that wasn't spoiled would have to do more on there own without there parents like be able to make there own food and would whine less and be less needy and won't believe that everything is there's.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Kbar # 24: the abilities

     Matt finally escaped he had fond out how to get out of the area even though there was some kind of spell and he had found Richard cole who had agreed to take care of him for a while. Yes he escaped finally hopefully they will both be fine and Jayne deverill won't try try to kill them like how they have attacked the other people that have tried to help him out. they find out about a person called Susan Ashwood they go to her and find out that she is a medium who talks to ghosts and is working to fight the old ones with the nexus and she directs them to another person in London who can help them be safe and not be killed by the enemies. Yes starting to find people who can help fight the old ones so that they have as much help as possible so that the gatekeepers had a way to fight back against the enemy. But then the dinosaurs in the museum start to come alive and attack them they both realize that it is Jayne Deverill using her magic to try to kill them matt gets to the door and he gets taken what will happen next.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

kbar 23: arrested

  A book that I have started reading is a book called raven gate about a boy named matt freeman who has special abilities because he is a gatekeeper who is meant to keep the old ones locked behind the ravens gate with that explanation I am going to start. Matt was waiting at the wall the he and Kevin normally meet at he was about to walk away when Kevin showed up and said hey you chicken then he told me that we were going to break into a wear house and get dvd's and get out and sell them later. Wow and I bet he is going to go along with plan possibly because he thinks that he will lose a friend if doesn't say he will come. So I say yeah let's go "mostly because if I say no I think I will lose a friend and Kevin has always been there for me when I needed him" we get there and it is unlocked we start grabbing dvd's when I smell a weird smell almost like something is burning and that's when I know somethings wrong but I was a second late and the guard grabs me when suddenly Kevin is behind and the guard has been stabbed Kevin starts running but I stay to try to help him. Yeah now you are going to be arrested and then you are not going to come out for a very long time that is always great isn't it. 5 seconds later the cops show up and Kevin shouts he did it and then I get arrested.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm rich

   If I suddenly either inherited or won the lottery I first call a finance adviser and talk about the legality of suddenly getting a whole bunch of money because that can look really suspicious to bankers who may freeze my account and what is the point of getting a lot of money if you have to prove that you did not steal that or get through any other bad way. next is I use to help start up my game development business so that I can hire artist, designers, and other people like that. next what I would do is invest in several other companies so that I can make more money from it. Then next I would use it to buy a new car, a house, a new computer, and then finally I would put the money in retirement so that when I am old and don't want to work that is possible without waiting through many more years of my life to save up enough. the dangers of getting a lot of money would be people constantly asking you for your money for there sickness that they have and other reasons or they may be scamming you. then there is that your family will ask you to help them out with debts and other stuff. And another reason is that friends that you know for a long time will ask you and if you say no they may never forgive you. ways to prevent this is not tell people you are rich now and then try to tell your friends nicely that you can't give the money or only help your friends and family which I would because I love my family so I would always help them out and maybe some of my friends